How to become a PoolPlayer?

So it seems, you are interested in artistic research about SPACE and TIME designed by music, dance and architecture so come and join us for the summer course in Innichen from the 9th until the 14th of September.

The application to PoolPlay #02 is found here. After our video you can view some more detailed information about what, when, where and who.

what ? a summer academy for musicians, architects and dancers/actors
when ? 08/09/2013 – 14/09/2013
where ? Innichen, South Tyrole – Italy
money ? 500 EUR incl. tutors, lunch/bed as well as the spa of the hotel
grants ? only need to pay 300 EUR

who ? tutors speak at least English, German and Italian.
music > Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer is one of the master musicians of contemporary European jazz. He belongs to the circle of extraordinary drummers that developed throughout the improvised music scene a highly individual playing and built up the unmistakable. Since 1995 he has been professor at the School of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden
creative perception > Jula-Kim Sieber is founder of ar2com and PoolPlay. She is a professional architect, teaching also at the TU Darmstadt and creating creative happenings.

who ? participants
PoolPlay is a summer academy for creative human beings who would like to train or better their interhuman, intercultural and interdisciplinary skills during a playful, palpable project. This year we are focusing on architecture, music and movement (theatre/dance).

please ! spread the word and share this.

some rules what you get and what you gotta give!

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